The tanning experience at Mist is unlike any other. We focus on creating a fun and upbeat environment, making your tanning session nothing short of amazing.

At Mist we apply your tan with a handheld airbrush tanning system; offering a fine mist application, that's always even and personalized to your body type, skin tone and desired result. We use only the best tanning solutions which allows us to custom color blend, making each tan tailor made just for you.

Step 01


When you arrive; you will be greeted by your tanning technician, who will provide a full consultation to uncover your desired result.

Step 02

Getting Undressed

Once inside your private room, you will have the opportunity to undress to your comfort level. Please be assured that we are professionals and will make every effort to accommodate your needs and make you feel as comfortable as possible, whatever you choose to wear.

  • Female clients over the age of 18 can wear whatever they feel comfortable wearing and may choose to tan topless or naked.

  • Male clients over the age of 18 must wear a swimsuit or underwear.

  • Clients under the age of 18 must wear a bathing suit or undergarments unless they have signed parent or guardian approval.

Step 03


A pair of men’s or women’s disposable underwear will be provided as well as a protective hair cap and "sticky feet" to protect the bottoms of your feet.

Step 04


After your technician has completed your tan we’ll begin the drying process. You’ll stand in front of our drying fan system while we clean your hands and feet to make sure your tan blends naturally in those areas that often look unnatural when tanning with those other guys.

Step 05

Finishing Touches

Then, as a final touch you’ll be dried and dusted with our all natural, fragrance-free powder, minimizing that sticky feeling and leaving you comfortable and ready for clothing.



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